A woman learns that her husband has been living a secret life she could never have imagined

Frank and Helen’s anniversary cruise is going perfectly, until the unthinkable happens and Frank disappears. Helen does everything she can to find her husband, but is ultimately forced to return home, alone and distraught.

After spending the next few months searching, Helen hears from someone who has news of her husband. But not the news she hoped for: Helen learns that Frank was leading a double life. It becomes increasingly apparent that the man she married had a dark side Helen could never have imagined. Suzanne Vermeer, the bestselling mystery writer in the Netherlands, spins this story with unparalleled suspense.


Suzanne Vermeer

Suzanne Vermeer

Suzanne Vermeer is one of the most successful authors in the Netherlands.

Her thrillers, which focus on themes of travel, tourism, and vacation, are wildly popular. 


  • book: Cruise
  • book: Bella Italia
  • book: Bon Bini Beach

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