Paranormal expert Hans Holzer investigates some of the strangest and most difficult cases of loved ones who are simply not ready to leave their earthly lives
The “stay-behind,” a term coined by professor Hans Holzer, is a ghost who is not prepared to move to the “other side,” but prefers to remain among loved ones and its former home. In Stay-Behinds, Holzer reveals some of the most famous cases of these beings, including the haunting of Rose Hall Plantation in Jamaica and the strange case of Mrs. C.’s late yet lively husband.


Hans Holzer

Hans Holzer

Hans Holzer (1920–2009) was born in Vienna, Austria. As a pioneer of paranormal research, his investigations into "the other side" took him to haunted houses and other sites all over the world, which he recorded in more than 140 books on ghosts, the afterlife, witchcraft, and extraterrestrial beings. Among his famous subjects was the Long Island house that inspired The Amityville Horror book and film adaptations. Holzer died in New York City in 2009.


  • book: Ghosts
  • book: An Introduction to Ghosts
  • book: Famous Ghosts
  • book: Ghosts That Aren't
  • book: Haunted People
  • book: Haunted Places
  • book: Poltergeists
  • book: Psychic Photography: The Visual Proof
  • book: Stay-Behinds
  • book: This House Is Haunted

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