Roger Dawson's Secrets of Power Negotiating has changed the way American business thinks about negotiating. Thinking "win-win"-looking for that magical third solution in which everyone wins but nobody loses-can be a naive and ultimately unsuccessful approach in today's tough business environment. Power Negotiating teaches that the way you negotiate can get you everything you want and still convince the other side that they won also. This third edition has been completely revised and updated to reflect the changing dynamics of business today. New and expanded sections include:

Twenty sure-fire negotiating gambits.

How to negotiate over the telephone, by e-mail, and via instant messaging.

How to read body language.

Listening to hidden meanings in conversation.

Dealing with people from other cultures.

How to become an expert mediator.

Secrets of Power Negotiating covers every aspect of the negotiating process with practical, proven advice, from beginning steps to critical final moves: how to recognize unethical tactics, key principles of the Power Negotiating strategy, why money is not as important as everyone thinks, negotiating pressure points, understanding the other party and gaining the upper hand, and analyses of different negotiating styles.


Dr. Bob Curran

Dr. Bob Curran

The holder of doctorate degrees in both history and child psychology, Dr. Curran is a popular broadcaster who appears frequently on such shows as Coast to Coast AM and The Paranormal Podcast. He has written more than fifty books on paranormal and occult phenomena.


  • book: Celtic Lore & Legend
  • book: Dark Fairies
  • book: Encyclopedia of the Undead
  • book: Lost Lands: Sunken Continents, Vanished Cities, and the Kingdoms that History Misplaced
  • book: Man-Made Monsters: A Field Guide to Golems, Patchwork Solders, Homunculi, and Other Created Creatures
  • book: The World's Creepiest Places
  • book: Vampires: A Field Guide to the Creatures that Stalk the Night
  • book: Werewolves: A Field Guide to Shapeshifters, Lycanthropes, and Man-Beasts
  • book: Zombies: A Field Guide to the Walking Dead
  • book: American Vampires

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