Get more answers to your burning questions with this carnal crash course from the most popular women’s magazine in the world. Cosmo’s 200 Naughtiest Sex Questions 2 is your quickie guide to the boldest and most essential info about sex—serving up each response in twenty words or less. 


The Editors of Cosmo

The Editors of Cosmo

Cosmopolitan is the top-selling young women's magazine in the United States, delivering the latest news on love, men, fashion, beauty, women's health, self-improvement, and entertainment to an audience of more than 18 million readers. In 2011, Cosmopolitan partnered with Open Road Integrated Media to expand their digital catalog, starting with the release of its first ebook, Cosmo's Sexiest Stories Ever.


  • book: Cosmo's Sexiest Stories Ever
  • book: Cosmo's 200 Naughtiest Sex Questions
  • book: Cosmo's Fifty-One Shades of Blonde
  • book: 200 Questions About Sex: Answered in 20 Words or Less

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  • Cosmopolitan is the lifestyle magazine of choice for millions of fun fearless females who want to be the best they can be in every area of their lives.  The world’s bestselling magazine for young women, Cosmo covers relationships and romance, the best in fashion and beauty, the latest on women's health and well-being, and pop culture and entertainment.