Meet Fortunata Fortuna, at a crossroads but ready to make her mark on the world

What goes through your head when the person you love leaves you? What do you do with your life when you have to start it all over again? Do you make it up? Nata’s world fills with unanswered questions when Beto leaves her. But time doesn’t stop, and the stories that Nata begins to tell herself about her own life lead her to a place where everything becomes possible again.

Original and contemporary, this debut novel, a finalist for the Planeta Prize, has the nerve center of a confessional and introduces readers to Fortunata Fortuna, a character the world won’t soon forget.


Javier Moro

Javier Moro

Javier Moro has worked as a researcher, screenwriter, and producer in Spain and the United States. He is the author of six books, including a novel about the emperor of Brazil, for which he was awarded the Planeta Prize, and The Dancer and the Raja, the story of the Spanish dancer who married the maharaja of Kapurthala-one of the biggest critical and commercial successes in recent years in Spain, translated into seventeen languages.


  • book: The Red Sari
  • book: The Dancer and the Raja

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