A Blossom Promise

The Blossom Family Series, Book 4

by Betsy Byars
It is a time of ups and downs for the Blossoms. Maggie is thrilled to be on the rodeo circuit . . . until she witnesses Mom kissing a handsome stranger. Back at home, the family has weathered the worst flood in the state’s history, and Vern and Michael can’t wait to test their homemade raft down at the flooded Snake Creek. Suddenly, Pap hears screams and runs to the rescue, but a heart attack strikes. As Pap clings to life, the Blossoms must rely on the strength of their family and pull together as never before. The Blossom spirit endures as the family confronts the frailty of human life in Newbery Award-winning author Betsy Byars’s fourth Blossom Family book.


Tomie dePaola

Tomie dePaola

By the time he could hold a pencil, Tomie dePaola knew his life’s work would be writing and illustrating children's books. He has received many awards including a Caldecott Honor Award for Strega Nona and a nomination for the Hans Christian Andersen Medal for illustration.

DePaola has published more than two hundred children’s books in fifteen different countries. He remains one of the most popular creators of books for children, receiving more than 100,000 fan letters each year. 

DePaola lives in an interesting house in New Hampshire with his dog. His studio is in a large, renovated two-hundred-year-old barn.


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  • Holiday House was founded in 1935 in New York City, the first American publishing house ever founded with the purpose of publishing nothing but children's books, according to Publishers Weekly. Although Holiday House has changed over the years, in many ways it remains the same: relatively small, fiercely independent, and completely devoted to its authors and illustrators.