Franklin in the Dark

In the Franklin Classic Storybook that started it all, poor little Franklin has one of the most common childhood afflictions—he is afraid of the dark. This is particularly difficult for Franklin as he happens to be a turtle, and the darkness he fears is, of course, inside his own shell. Bravely, with shell in tow, he sets forth to seek help and in the course of his travels discovers a bird who is afraid of heights, a polar bear who is afraid of the cold, and even a hydrophobic duck. In the end, Franklin discovers that everybody, even his own mother, is afraid of something, and his response to what he has learned is guaranteed to draw a smile.

Franklin Says I Love You

In this Franklin Classic Storybook, our hero is a very lucky turtle. He has the best friends, the best little sister, the best goldfish, and, of course, the best mother. But when he discovers that his mother’s birthday is coming up, he can’t find the best present. After giving it some serious thought, Franklin decides to do everything for his mom. On the morning of her birthday he takes her breakfast in bed, makes a brooch, draws a picture, and cuts fresh flowers from the garden! And then Franklin gives his mom a great big hug and says, “I love you”—which is, of course, the best gift of all.

Franklin and the Thunderstorm

In this Franklin Classic Storybook, Franklin is afraid of thunderstorms. When a storm approaches while he is playing at Fox’s house, a flash of lightning sends Franklin into his shell. He refuses to come out—even for snacks—until his friends make him laugh with their tall tales about what causes storms. And when Beaver explains what really causes thunder and lightning, Franklin begins to feel much safer.


Paulette  Bourgeois

Paulette Bourgeois

Paulette Bourgeois worked as an occupational therapist and a print and television journalist before she began writing for children. When Franklin in the Dark was released in 1986, it became a bestseller—and the Franklin phenomenon was born. Paulette has gone on to write over 30 Franklin stories illustrated by Brenda Clark that have been published around the world. Paulette lives in Toronto, Ontario. 


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  • book: Franklin Says I Love You
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  • book: Franklin and the Tooth Fairy
  • book: Franklin Plays the Game
  • book: Franklin Fibs
  • book: Finders Keepers for Franklin
  • book: Franklin Is Bossy
  • book: Franklin and Harriet
  • book: Franklin's Secret Club
  • book: Franklin Wants a Pet
  • book: Franklin's School Play
  • book: Franklin's Baby Sister
  • book: Franklin's Class Trip
  • book: Hurry Up, Franklin
  • book: Franklin's New Friend
  • book: Franklin's Bad Day
  • book: Franklin Has a Sleepover
  • book: Franklin in the Dark (25th Anniversary Edition)
  • book: Franklin Goes to the Hospital
  • book: Franklin Is Messy
  • book: Franklin Is Lost
  • book: Franklin's Blanket

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