The Final Testament


by Peter Blauner
As World War II draws near, a dying genius fights against hate to preserve his legacy
Cancer has ravaged Sigmund Freud. It is 1938, and the great doctor has fled Vienna for London, where he races to finish his final, most dangerous work: a radical reimagining of the origins of Judaism, which posits that Moses was murdered by his followers. Though his colleagues say that such a controversial text could only give grist to those who would do the Jews harm, Freud is adamant about releasing the book—until a Nazi named Sauerwald comes to visit.
He has written a manuscript in Freud’s name, a hateful screed that claims to prove that all of Jewish history is based on falsehood, and asks that Freud help him have it published—lest something unpleasant happen to the doctor’s family in Austria. Horrified by this foul threat, Freud responds with the only weapon he has left. He picks up pen and paper, and suggests that Sauerwald sit down on his couch.


Christianna  Brand

Christianna Brand

Christianna Brand (1907–1988) was one of the most popular authors of the Golden Age of British mystery writing. She used her experience as a salesgirl as inspiration for her first novel, Death in High Heels (1941), which she based on a fantasy of murdering an irritating coworker.  

Brand also found success writing children's fiction. Her Nurse Matilda series, about a grotesque nanny who tames ill-behaved children, was adapted for the screen in 2005 as Nanny McPhee.  


  • book: The Crooked Wreath
  • book: Death in High Heels
  • book: Fog of Doubt
  • book: Green for Danger
  • book: The Three-Cornered Halo
  • book: Tour de Force
  • book: Brand X
  • book: Buffet for Unwelcome Guests
  • book: Cat and Mouse
  • book: Court of Foxes
  • book: Death of Jezebel
  • book: Heads You Lose
  • book: The Brides of Aberdar
  • book: The Honey Harlot
  • book: The Rose in Darkness
  • book: What Dread Hand?

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