To Thève, a social climber and entrepreneur, his mythical BMW M5 is an expensive toy that he has lost the right to drive. For Hugo, the car represents a way to move past the tragic death of his sister, who burned alive in a car accident before his very eyes.
It was improbable that the two men should meet. They have nothing in common, and yet, they need one another. The young Hugo becomes Thève’s official driver, and right away, the unlikely pair seems destined to bring out the worst in each other. Thrown into high gear on the icy roads, BMW Blues is an astounding novel about finding a new appreciation for life.


S. Cedric

S. Cedric

S. Cedric was born in the Aveyron region of France. Before devoting himself to writing, Cedric also worked in publishing, journalism, and translation, and was even the lead singer of a metal band. His influences range from Stephen King and Clive Barker to Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath. Cedric combines elements of supernatural worldbuilding and crime fiction, creating fast-paced, original novels. Of Fever and Blood, the first book in the Inspector Svärta Thrillers, won the Polar Prize at the Cognac Festival and the first Cinécinéma Frissons prize. Cedric lives and writes in Toulouse, France.


  • book: The First Blood
  • book: Of Fever and Blood

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