Daphné loves to spend time with her late husband’s family in its sprawling mansion in the South of France. It was there that she spent the happiest years of her life married to Ivan before he died tragically in a domestic accident.

Eight years on, she still spends time there with Max, her father-in-law, a famous sculptor who’s been a recluse since his son’s death; Nelly, the matriarch; and Ivan’s siblings. Daphné cannot help but feel unsettled as she realizes that her feelings for her husband’s brother Dimitri are more than platonic. Dimitri tries to keep some distance between himself and Daphné and not give in to his feelings.
But theirs is not the only secret. It seems everyone is hiding something, and some secrets are darker than others . . .


Françoise Bourdin

Françoise Bourdin

Françoise Bourdin was born listening to opera. Her parents, both opera singers, helped her to develop an appreciation for strong characters and destinies, and for the music of words. As a teenager, she discovered horseback riding and it became her exclusive hobby. She dedicated her teens to this passion and to reading the works of classical authors that she discovered in her father’s huge library. Bourdin started to write short stories when she was very young. Her first novel was published by Editions Julliard when she was only twenty. Writing became the most important thing in her life and her second novel, two years later, was adapted for TV.


  • book: A Bordeaux Dynasty
  • book: An Unspoken Suspicion
  • book: BMW Blues
  • book: The Man of Their Lives

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