Tony is not at all thrilled by the prospect of a week’s vacation with his parents until he convinces his best friend, Rudolph—the little vampire—to come along. But the arrangement is not as simple as it sounds—vampires don’t usually take the train!


Angela Sommer-Bodenburg

Angela Sommer-Bodenburg

Angela Sommer-Bodenburg was born in Reinbek near Hamburg, Germany. She graduated from the University of Hamburg in 1972 where she studied education, psychology, and sociology. She became a teacher of first through fourth graders at a school in Hamburg where she had been teaching for twelve years (1972-1984).

Since 1984, she has been a freelance writer and painter. To date, more than 40 books have been published which include poetry; picture books; novels; and the 20 volume book series "The Little Vampire.”

In 1992, Angela Sommer-Bodenburg moved to the United States. She now lives and works in New Mexico, with Burghardt Bodenburg, her husband and business manager, and their two Hungarian sheepdogs (Kuvasz).

Her books have been translated into more than 30 languages. In the United States, her publishers include Dial Books/ Dutton; HarperCollins; Minstrel Books; Scholastic; and Simon & Schuster.

Many of her books have received numerous adaptations worldwide, which include movie, television, stage play, musical, and ballet productions; audio books; dramatized plays on audio cassettes; and books in Braille.

 "The Little Vampire” book series in particular was turned into a movie and two television series´.


  • book: The Little Vampire
  • book: The Little Vampire Moves In
  • book: The Little Vampire Takes a Trip
  • book: The Little Vampire on the Farm
  • book: The Little Vampire in Love

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