• “An incredible read! The Awakened City is not only a fascinating magical adventure, but a thought-provoking look at religious fanaticism. It’s the best book about jihad since Dune.” —A. C. Crispin, bestselling author of the StarBridge series

  • “Not a fantasy in the well-trodden traditions, The Awakened City has a plot worthy of the Old Testament. . . . A book that dares to examine the larger questions of faith, duty, and love in conflict.” —Robin Hobb, author of the Tawny Man trilogy

  • “Strauss writes beautifully, giving close attention to the character of the human heart and the struggle for power, revenge, forgiveness, and acceptance. The many vivid, true details will stay with you long after you have finished.” —Kate Elliott, author of the Novels of the Jaran

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